Great Women of Our Time

I am currently writing my dissertation on great women of our time. I have found several lists online and then compiled my own list (after some additional research). This list of great women is (like other lists too of course) only a representative list, as there many more contemporary accomplished women. Links as well as the fields of activity of these great women will be gradually added (for your convenience) when I find a bit of free time/relief from my studies. Thanks for looking.
Sarah J.

PS: I have started adding links during the Christmas break and hope to finish soon.

Marina Abramović (performance artist)

Harriet Chalmers Adams (explorer, writer and photographer)

Joy Adamson (naturalist, artist and author)

Jane Addams (social worker, public philosopher, sociologist, author, and leader in women’s suffrage and world peace)

Elizabeth Alexander (poet)

Maya Angelou (poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist)

Jessica-Jane Applegate (Paralympic swimmer)

Elizabeth Arden (businesswoman)

Martha Argerich (concert pianist)

Margaret Atwood (poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, inventor, and environmental activist)

Cecilia Bartoli (mezzo-soprano opera singer and recitalist)

Clara Barton (American Red Cross founder)

Gertrude Bell (writer, traveler, political officer, administrator, and archaeologist)

Judith Bingham (composer and mezzo-soprano singer)

Idil Biret (concert pianist)

Bonnie Blair (speedskater)

Charlotte Bray (composer)

Maria Callas (soprano)

Rachel Carson (marine biologist, author, and conservationist)

Edith Cavell (nurse)

Coco Chanel (fashion designer and businesswoman)

Shirley Chisholm (politician, educator, and author)

Agatha Christie (writer)

Mary Higgins Clark (writer)

Jacqueline Cochran (pilot)

Bessie Coleman (civil aviator)

Nadia Comaneci (gymnast)

Samantha Cristoforetti (astronaut, pilot, and engineer)

Marie Curie (physicist and chemist)

Raymonde de Laroche (pilot)

Nicole Dimond (artist)

Jacqueline du Pré (cellist)

Amelia Earhart (aviation pioneer and author)

Marie Faverio (artist, writer of different genres, musician, and inventor of a secret language)

Anna Fedorova (concert pianist)

Carly Fleischmann (writer and entertainer)

Renée Fleming (opera singer and soprano)

Jane Fonda (actress, writer, political activist, and former fashion model)

Dian Fossey (primatologist and conservationist)

Cheryl Frances-Hoad (composer)

Anne Frank (writer)

Rosalind Franklin (chemist and X-ray crystallographer)

Mirella Freni (soprano)

Indira Gandhi (stateswoman)

Althea Gibson (tennis player and professional golfer)

Nan Goldin (photographer)

Jane Goodall (primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace)

Steffi Graf (tennis player)

Temple Grandin (writer, professor of animal science, and autism advocate)

Hélène Grimaud (concert pianist and founder of the Wolf Conservation Center)

Matthea Harvey (poet, writer, and professor)

Sonja Henie (figure skater and film star)

Audrey Hepburn (actress, model, dancer, and humanitarian)

Angela Hewitt (concert pianist)

Patricia Highsmith (novelist and short story writer)

Dorothy Hodgkin (chemist and Nobel Prize winner)

Estée Lauder (cosmetics pioneer)

Harper Lee (novelist)

Valentina Lisitsa (concert pianist)

Mae Jemison (engineer, physician, writer, and NASA astronaut)

Loïs Mailou Jones (artist and educator)

Kiri Te Kanawa (soprano)

Frida Kahlo (artist)

Helen Keller (author, political activist, and lecturer)

Grace Kelly (actress)

Billie Jean King (tennis player)

Lee Krasner (artist)

Doris Lessing (novelist, poet, playwright, librettist, biographer, and short story writer)

Rosa Luxemburg (Marxist theorist, feminist, philosopher, economist, anti-war activist, and revolutionary socialist)

Wangari Maathai (environmental political activist and Nobel laureate)

Faïza Maghni (artist)

Barbara McClintock

Carson McCullers

Margaret Mead

Lise Meitner

Nellie Melba

Meredith Monk

Rita Levi-Montalcini

Toni Morrison

Amanda Nadelberg

Martina Navratilova

Mary Newport

Joyce Carol Oates

Georgia O’Keefe

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Rosa Parks

Lisa Perini

Frances Perkins

Eva Perón

Maria João Pires

Sylvia Plath

Lucia Popp

Harriet Quimby

Alicia Jo Rabins

Ayn Rand

Dora Raymaker

Adrienne Rich

Sally Ride

Julia Robinson

Eleanor Roosevelt

J. K. Rowling

Helena Rubinstein

Irena Sendler

Henriett Seth

Mikaela Sheldt

Barbra Streisand

Joan Sutherland

Valentina Tereshkova

Helen Thayer

Mother Theresa

Harriet Tubman

Mitsuko Utchida

Alice Walker

Madam CJ Walker

Yuja Wang

Simone Weil

Donna Williams

Oprah Winfrey

Virginia Woolf

Judith Wright

Babe Didrikson Zaharias